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Outdoor Ride Program
TTEndurance routinely put their top level fitness on display while taking on some of the more challenging idyllic roads throughout Western Connecticut.  Our outdoor routes are regularly posted here:

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Service Course Program

TTEndurance athletes start young. Subrosa balance bike with Lazer P'Nut youth helmet available at now at TTE.


TTEndurance is not only dedicated to providing you with an excellent training experience, but we now offer custom cycling retail, bike fitting, and maintenance services. 

Our dedicated team of professionals that make up our Service Course Program have decades of experience and are passionate about and meticulous in the work they do. 

At TTEndurance, our pursuit of excellence is matched only by our belief that the client comes first.





 4th of July


Saturday 4th of July


6am to 11am



7am:  Total Recovery, Shaun

8am:  Skills Ride, Alan

9am:  Total Body Toning, Shaun

 Personal Training:

By Appointment with Shaun/Alan/Torr

Bike Pickup till 11am, Saturday then


 Sunday, July 5th:  


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Special Message PARENTS Wishing to Ride Long:

TTE Coaches will be accompanying kids on the 10 Mile Saturday ride so parents wishing to go longer can feel comfortable their children are supervised.  TTE rendezvous tent for families will be present at start and finish.
Contact TTEndurance member and CT Challenge Team Captain Beth
Reilly at

For any questions or further information about our TTEndurance 

CT Challenge team.