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TT – Intelligent Endurance

At Total Training & Endurance, we embrance the mantra of 'Be a Champion.'  The precise components of what it means to become a champion vary from individual to individual, however the overall essence of the idea remains constant.


Champions endeavor to excel at all aspects of life, and lead others to the same standard of excellence.  This mentality lends itself to an all-encompassing attention to quality, especially in the small details of our daily existence.  Every minute is ordered by an unconsciously ingrained devotion to elevate ourselves to the highest possible level, no matter what goal pursued.  Adding up all the small behaviors that futher our objectives, lead us closer to the ideal of Being a Champion each day.  The satisfaction of knowing that tomorrow, we'll do it better, cleaner, and faster in an endless quest for the paramount ideal is an intrinsic principle of TTEndurance.