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Service Course

Bicycle fitting services 


Body Fitting ($75)

45min in length

Free for TTEndurance Members

Standard fittings are done to insure riding comfort and performance. We look at your body position on the bike and work to ensure you’re getting the most out of your training. Adjustments include saddle height, handlebar height, reach to the handlebars, and the saddle position fore and aft.



Complete Body Fitting

Road/Mountain Bike ($200)

1.5 hrs in length

A body fitting can be done on a road bike or mountain bike. In a body fitting we go through a complete interview. Then we do a series of tests to find out about strength, range of motion and flexibility and injury. We adjust seat fore and aft, seat height, handlebar height, and stem length.

Road bike with Aero bars ($250)

2 hrs in length

For a road bike with clip on aero bars.

Starting with a body fitting and getting your road bike set up in the best possible position we then add Aerobars to this picture and combine the two together for the best of both worlds.

Triathlon Bike ($250)

2 hrs in length  

This fitting is a two part process with the first visit crafting the best hypothesis of your ideal position. The second visit allows us to review how you are doing and what changes you may need.  2.5 hours in length on the first visit and one hour for the second visit.



Retul Fitting ($350)

3hrs in length

The fitter conducts an initial physical assessment of the rider, and at this point can address the rider's concerns about performance, pain, or any other issues the rider hopes to alleviate during the bike fit. *same as Complete Body fitting. LED markers are strategically placed on eight anatomical points of the rider: the wrist, elbow, shoulder, hip, knee, ankle, heel, and toe. Then as the rider pedals, Retül's sensor bar gathers real-time, three-dimensional data of the rider's pedal strokes and movements. Retül's rotating platform allows the fitter to collect data for both sides of the rider without the rider leaving the bike. The rider's data is compiled into a reader-friendly report for analysis by the fitter. The fitter can then assess the rider's position and make necessary adjustments.The fit information is saved and stored on the fitter's computer. The data includes the rider's personal profile, measurements from the fit, bike measurements, and the rider's final fit position. The fitter will be able to access and print these records for comparison and tracking of historical fit data for the client.



Cleat Fit ($55)

1hr in length 

Cleat fits are done on existing bikes. Taking into account your specific needs we look at the alignment of the hips, knees, feet. We then use special tools to be able to understand your body’s alignment.  We may use shims or wedges under your cleats or footbeds inside your shoes to help us align your body correctly.



Transfer fitting ($75)

Free for TTEndurance Members

Using the numbers that we so carefully found in your first fitting and transferring them to your second bike or new bike.