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Service Course

Core bicycle maintenance pricing


Grand Depart

(Pre Ride Prep) $40

Free for TTEndurance members upon request and pre/post all outdoor sessions

- Light hose down of bicycle

- Basic safety check of gears, brakes and tires/wheels



(Bike Wash) $75 *+

- Hand washing of bicycle

- Wipe down of chain and cassette (Does not include degreasing)

- Lubricate moving parts and chain

- Adjustment of all moving components

- Torque check of all bolts

- Regrease seatpost

- General wheel truing (Additional charges may apply)



(Bike Wash with Degreasing) $100 *+

- Same service as bike wash

- Complete bike chain degreasing

- Cassette removal and degreasing



(Overhaul) $150 *+

- Same services as bike wash with degreasing

- Removal of cranks and complete cleaning of bottom bracket bearing system and cranks

- Clean and service headset

(No extra labor charges if new bearings are needed for bottom bracket and headset)



(Rebuild) $275 *

- Completely strip and rebuild of bicycle with full degreasing and cleaning of all components

- Includes installation of new cables



*Charges for replacement parts are not included in service levels, unless otherwise stated.

+ Replacement of cables is available for all service levels as a billable option.