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Personal Training Membership

If your idea of the perfect training scenario includes dedicated, 1-on-1 instruction, we can help you develop a relationship with a staff member whose experience and style are suited to your needs and goals.


TTFit. 1-on-1 sessions. We'll help you decide on the right number of sessions per week. These sessions are focused on core strength, flexibility, toning, and overall conditioning. But you can rest assured that no two sessions will ever be the same -- whether you're working indoors, outdoors, with a simulated obstacle course, on a specific muscle group or sport-specific training.

TTFitter. As rewarding as your 1-on-1 sessions are likely to be, you can take your fitness to the next level by adding one or more endurance sessions a week. Custom-tailored to your own capabilities, these endurance sessions won't have you imitating the instructor or the person training next to you. But you will find that having a comrade training alongside you can significantly enhance the experience. 


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