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TT Methodology & Syllabus

TTEndurance Program Methodology

We are often asked what the “silver bullet” is for getting fit or faster in any given endurance sport?  Unfortunately there is no magic bullet, but at TTEndurance we do have a methodology and a structured training syllabus that we have developed to help create structure and goals for our clients to stay motivated and on track.

All of our group strength and fitness classes, and our swimming, running, and cycling sessions follow the TT methodology which is created around a New England fitness calendar that strives to create peak fitness late spring and early summer, with another push towards peak fitness in late summer and early fall.  Mid-fall to early winter is generally a transitional phase in which we encourage athletes to cross train, strength train, and rest. Late winter and early spring is our prime foundation period.

TTEndurance’s methodology & syllabus is anchored by our approach to manage stress. Stress can take many forms, such as intensity and duration of training as well as life’s external pressures and requirements. We often forget that stress in our daily lives should also be taken into consideration as part of a training program. Often the best value of a coach is his or her ability to help you understand your current state of stress.  Our coaches are very attuned to this variable, understanding that most of us are not professional athletes, but busy people balancing work, family, and play.

We divide our training program syllabus into 4 distinct periods, Winter/Spring/Summer/Fall. Each of these periods will typically have 2-3 five week cycles of structured training of which the 5th week is generally considered a rest week. 

Our TTEndurance Members are able to sit down with our coaches for consultations to evaluate and set monthly goals for their training. Part of these consultations includes an analysis of which group classes fit best into their training schedule and current goals. 

Maintaining a healthy life style through endurance sports and structured cross and strength training is TTEndurance’s #1 goal: “Endurance for Life.”  Helping you have fun and developing a sustainable approach to deliver this goal long term is our daily purpose.

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