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Champion of TTE: Lois Christina Duke


"I grew up having a lot of self-doubt… not believing I could do many things. Walking into TT was challenging. Here I was this person, clearly not an athlete. I did my first half iron aqua bike - something that was so out of my comfort zone. But deep inside was someone who wanted desperately to do something like this. It just seemed bigger than me, and I thought how amazing it would be if I could. So, when it came to that race, every time that hint of self doubt came in, I thought of Eneas’ coaching and unwavering belief in me. At the end of the race, I emailed him and told him I had finished - I didn't place, I didn't have some amazing time. And within seconds, I got an email back and all it says is, "You're a champion." And for the first time in my life, I agreed. I didn't have self-doubt. I believed it. I never felt that way about myself before."



Bicycle Exposition at TTEndurance

Saturday February 7th 


Join us for a Multi-Generational Bicycle Exposition at TTEndurance!

Vintage, Modern, and Extraordinary!

40+ bikes on display! 
Representing over 50 decades
of bicycle design!
Celebrate the bike with champagne, artisan cheeses, desserts, and ...
craft organic coffee bylocal Shearwater Coffee Roasters!
Free to all TTEndurance clients, friends, and family!




Tom Janson's Everest Training

In 2015 TTE's Tom Janson will be taking on Mt. Everest, here's an exerpt from some of his rigorous outdoor training:

Great trip this weekend – here’s a couple of shots of the “White Stairmaster” up Mount Madison from the climb on Friday and a couple just shots just below the summit of Mount Pierce on Saturday (you can see all the way across the ridge to the observatory on the top of Mt Washington in one of them – look familiar?).  We stopped a few hundred feet short of the top on Friday (where treeline ends) because the temperature was hovering right around 0F and the winds above treeline were gusting over 80 miles an hour which meant that the wind chill was approaching –30F – so didn’t seem worth it for another couple hundred feet ….. Saturdaywas a bit warmer with temps in the 10F to 20F range and the winds were only about 20 mph, so a pretty pleasant day all around.

Overall felt great – plenty of energy, no real aches or pains, knee felt good and felt great on the second day after a good long effort on day one.  We make exceptionally good time both days (although we were taking it a bit slower on Saturday to avoid overheating and getting soaked by sweat).  Our much faster then the “standard” summer times so considering the conditions and that I was carrying a full winter pack that weighed in around 30 pounds we were pretty happy with the efforts.




Giro di Litchfield Q & A


Many of you have been calling and emailing with questions about the 2nd Annual Giro di Litchfield.  Here are some of the most common questions with answers, in order to help you.

Q:  Is the GdL a race or a ride?

A:  It's an organized ride, not a race.  There is no timing, though you can try for KOMs along the course if you want.

Q:  What if I get dropped from the group?

A:  There will be ride leaders to shepherd riders and keep everyone together as much as possible.

Q:  As the day warms up and I take off layers of clothing, can I leave them somewhere?

A:  Yes.  You can leave clothing at any of the feed zones, and everything will be driven back to the start/finish area for you to pick up.

Q:  Can I register the morning of the ride?

A:  Yes, but no later than 8:30AM since the ride starts at 9:00AM.

Q:  Is there a carpool or caravan planned for the drive to Lake Waramaug?

A:  Yes.  A caravan will be departing Total Training & Endurance's back parking lot at 772 Post Road East in Westport at 7:00AM, it will then proceed to the commuter parking lot at Merritt Parkway exit 42, the caravan will depart the commuter lot at approximately 7:15AM.

Q:  How long does it take to get to Lake Waramaug?

A:  It depends on where you leave from, but from Westport/Weston area, just over an hour.

Q:  What if it rains?

A:  Rain date is the following Sunday, but only if constant heavy rain is forecast, not for light showers.

Q:  Can I change into my kit there, or change out of it after the ride for the tailgate party?

A:  Yes.  There are eight changing rooms next to the parking area.

Q:  What time does the ride start?

A:  There will be 3 waves.  9AM:  Riders going 80 miles and averaging about 15mph.  9:15:  Riders going 80 miles and averaging about 17mph.  9:30:  Riders going 80 miles and averaging about 19mph & riders going 45 miles.

Q:  What kind of on-course support is there?

A:  There will be 2 support cars with equipment and nutrition.  There will be 3 food stops at approximately 20, 40, and 60 miles.