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Winning the relay at Toughman!

Toughman Relay report
by TTEndurance Member Andrew Udell
Last Sunday I competed in the Toughman Half Iron Triathlon relay in Croton on Hudson, NY.  Since I sold my running shoes 15 years ago, and I haven't ventured into the pool for about the same period of time, I stick to the bike leg only.  I've formed a team with two friends and we have now been competing in these events for about 4 years. Scheduling 3 or 4 races a year keeps me motivated in my training throughout the year.   In addition, thanks to excellent coaching, better technology, and hard work my times have improved over that time. From a technology standpoint, over the last 4 years I have added an aero helmet, a time trial bike, and racing wheels - all of which certainly help.  
As is the case with all of the relays we've competed in, our swimmer came out of the water in a top 3 position.  Typically, our races are won or lost with the bike leg.  This time I headed out onto the course, which consists of two laps up and down a 20 something mile section of Rte 9A in Westchester County, in 3rd place.  The course began with the first few miles mostly heading uphill.  At about mile 2 I passed one of the other relay bikers, who may have been riding a tricycle (to be clear this was not that I was going so fast…I think they may still be on the course).  While climbing I saw the lead relay biker ahead.  I passed him about 100 yards before the first turnaround.  I had been speaking to him while we were waiting in transition, so we were both aware of each other.  The next turnaround was around mile 20.  At that point I was able to see that I was about 1 minute ahead of him. My lead kept growing with each turnaround thereafter.  At about mile 48 I passed a non-relay biker who blurted out "you are the first biker to pass me today" … 5 miles later he passed me and I said to him "you look just like the guy that was only passed by 1 rider today".  I was unable to pass him again due to a no-pass zone heading back to the transition station.  I came into transition a few seconds after him and our runner had a little more than a 6 minute lead over the next relay team.  
Similar to our swimmer, our runner typically posts the top 3 running times against other relay runners.  This was the first time I can remember that he had the lead to start the run.  He had a 6 minute lead over the second team and about an 11 minute lead over the 3rd relay team and was able to secure the overall victory.
I was pleased with my bike effort.  While my time was a little slower than the prior year, it was a lot windier and on a comparative basis I did much better posting the fastest relay bike time and the 8th fastest bike time of all participants.  I wanted to thank Eneas, and the other coaches at TTEndurance, as well as the members I typically train along side in classes and group rides.  All assist in pushing me while making the training sessions fun.  Well, fun might not be the right word…how about 'less painful'??  In any event, a consistent training regimen while focusing on my power numbers paid off for me this summer.  
Thanks again to all!



Summer Success

Eneas, 3rd at Mt. Washington

Summer of 2014, (thus far,) has proved to be a regional renaissance year for owner & manager of Total Training and Endurance, Eneas Freyre.  After capturing the Overall Championship Title in the 2014 Bethel Spring Series, Eneas went on to sweep a tri-fecta of Pro victories on the roads of the Nutmeg State.


Beginning with the State Criterium Championship in June, Eneas notched a 2nd place Overall finish, while crossing the finish as the first Connecticut resident.  He followed this up in July at the State Time-Trial Championship with an Overall victory in record time.  The third step was the collection of a the State Roadrace Title in August at the Tokeneke Classic, an 88 mile race in which Mr. Freyre finished 3rd Overall as the first CT resident, the day after leading TTEndurance’s 100K ride.


Yet this isn’t half the story.  On the weekends bookending the Tokeneke Classic, Eneas participated in two grueling races.  On August 1 began the 3-day stage race:  Tour of the Catskills.  Riding hard and determined, Eneas came away with the polka-dot jersey, signifying his coronation as winner of the King of the Mountains competition, (this in edition to a 2nd place finish in that race’s Stage 1 Time Trial.)  The honor of best climber in the Catskills was soon to be tested yet again, this time on New England’s highest peak:  New Hampshire’s Mount Washington. 


The 7.6 mile race up the autoroad to the summit of Mt. Washington averages 11% with the highest gradients near the top kicking up to 20% amid swirls of fog and clouds at an elevation well above 6,000 feet.  If it was difficult, Eneas never faltered, riding to a 3rd place overall podium in 54:11, less than 2 minutes outside the mark recorded by Olympic Time Trial gold medalist Tyler Hamilton in 2006, whose career accomplished have since been marred by failed doping tests in 2004 & 2008 at the Olympics and Vuelta d’Espana.


Success through summer wasn't limited to Eneas alone.  Timothy, Tammy and Torr represented TTE's lofty standards in their respective disciplines.  Timothy kicked off summer by taking 5th place in the 1-Mile Roadrace State Championship with a personal best of 4:16.  He followed this up with a modest P.R. of 56:06 in the 10 Mile State Championship, as well as winning a local 10K in 33:08.  Tammy Kiernan embodied the fortitude of a champion with her 2nd place Age Group finish among a field of 700+ in the Mossman Sprint Triathlon, at the height of summer.  Concurrently Torr Benetta trounced his way to a 6th place finish in the Rocky Hill Grand Prix, he may have finished higher but was sidelined halfway for several minutes to repair his damaged machine.  The experience of being limited by extraneous circumstances may have fueled him the following weekend when Mr. Bennetta rallied to a podium finish at the Thomaston Hare Scramble.


Summer of 2014 will be remembered by at TTE as a summer of set precedence, a summer of excellence, and a well of inspiration that saturates our collective ambitions as we move into autumnal light and beyond.  Be a champion.


August 100k group ride and BBQ Party!


2014 CT Challenge and a Different Goal

2014 CT Challenge and a Different Goal

By: TTEndurance Member Glenn Blasius 

Ask a TTEndurance member why they joined, and you will hear many explanations: “I’m training for a Triathlon;”  “I’m doing the Mt. Washington Challenge;”  “I’m riding across America.”  None of these explanations fit me. 

I joined TTEndurance in 2009 partly because I was overweight and trying to get my fitness back on track, and partly because the website looked cool and the location was reasonably close to home.    For the first 2 years I skulked around the gym without any goal, other than the vague aspirations above.   I cycled frequently enough to be sore, but not frequently enough to prevent myself from being dropped constantly.   I was close to becoming another fitness statistic. 

Then, in 2012 I heard about the CT Challenge, a 10 to 100 mile ride through the challenging terrain of north and southwestern CT to fundraise for cancer survivorship.   I thought having a goal would give more purpose and structure to my exertions at the gym.   With the help of the TTEndurance instructors, I pieced together enough of a program to finish the century in 2012.   It was a tough slog, but I finished it – barely (I missed the barbeque and the band).   I’m not sure why, but I was determined to do better next time.   I began taking training more seriously and became a “TTEndurance student” (if you mention the word ’Total Training’ to my wife, her eyes roll to the back of her head:  “That’s the place where Glenn goes to get beat up every week.   You should see him after a Hill Climb session!”). I had the benefit of not only the great instructors, but also TT members who were happy to share their experience and tips with me.   Over time, the pieces have come together, and I have begun making strides in my fitness levels.   I finished the CT Challenge century in 2013 in a better time – and had more fun doing it.  I have learned more about distance rides all over the East (and West) coast, going to many events with other TTEndurance members and enjoying more than just the ride.

Fast-forward to 2014 and the CT Challenge.    I wanted to do something different this time, and sharing the experience with someone close to me seemed a great idea.  My son James is 13 and loves nothing more then spending time with his family.   When I floated the idea of riding the CT Challenge with him, he was all for it – without even knowing what this meant!

Eneas, TTEndurance owner, had always encouraged me to bring my children to the gym, and when I told him of my scheme, he encouraged me to bring James to ride the Tacx trainer during the week on a TTEndurance service course bike, taking time to ensure it was adjusted to fit James when he arrived (some of you may have seen him alongside me during the Wed night hill climb!).

Despite his growing familiarity with cycling, James’ current bike was not suited for a longer outdoor ride.  Eneas answered this challenge for us as well, and let James rent a bike, even cleaning the frame and drivetrain. When James and I took the bike for a preliminary spin, he was so happy:  “Dad, this bike makes me go so much faster!”  (Uh-oh, I think I’ve heard this somewhere before).

Today, I am happy to say James and I completed the 25 Mile CT Challenge.   It was, indeed, a Challenge for him – we had to tackle the dreaded hill on the Weston end of Old Redding Rd-  I don’t think I’ve seen him put such an effort in before!   Fortunately, there was a rest stop at the peak, and after a brief rest, James and I were off again.   

We finished at the Hunt Club under Yellow and Blue balloons, with a crowd ringing cowbells and my wife in attendance.   James was so excited by the entire experience that he has already told me he wants to do the 50 mile circuit next year! 

I am, of course, a proud father, but even this father and son, riding slowly through the roads of Fairfield and Westport, needed a support group.   And for that, I am extremely grateful to Eneas and his Total Training & Endurance team for their help.

I had never given the question much thought until recently, but ask me why I am a TTEndurance member, and my answer is this:  it is because of the community of fellow cyclists, gym rats, and instructors; it is because of the Tuesday Night Service Course Ride and beers and conversation afterwards; it is because of the “TTE Social” nights and dinners with new friends; it is because of the presentations by amateur athletes who have amazing stories to tell. 

The rides end, but the community endures.  And today, I was reminded of that in a big way.  TTEndurance made the 2014 CT Challenge a special day for my son, and a fond memory for both of us.   


TTEndurance now carrying Garmin Products

TTEndurance is now an authorized Garmin retailer. All Garmin products are now available to order through our Service Course Program, including the new Edge 1000. Please contact Eneas@ttwestport.com for details.